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Cranston Material Handling provides tenant storage lockers to help maximize your residents space. Our bulk storage lockers are an ideal way to secure personal items in multi-family building common storage areas.

Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, CMHEC has over 60 years of experience in the material handling industry. Our welded mesh locker is built strong and secure, to provide more flexibility to custom fit and professionally finish storage areas, while eliminating clutter and efficiently utilizing available space.

Our hundreds of projects have established us as experts in laying out and installing cage storage units. We can maximize your existing area to increase efficiency, space and ROI. With years of knowledge and experience, we have the insight you need to find the best solution to solve unique challenges posed by existing floor plans.

If you’re considering adding utility and efficiency to your building with tenant storage lockers, contact us today.

Types Of Residential Storage Lockers

Our residential storage lockers are made of 10 gauge wire in a 2″ x 2″ square welded wire mesh. This mesh is welded into a 1 1/4″ x 1 1/4″ x 13 gauge rolled formed angle. The storage locker’s open but secure design allows existing lighting, ventilation, and fire suppression systems to function effectively throughout the secured storage areas. Help you property stand apart by offering your tenants the ability to store their items on site instead of finding an off-site vendor. These lockable storage compartments can be offered to your complex as an attractive amenity or rented out for additional revenue. Cranston offers two types of tenant storage lockers:

Single Tier Walk-In Lockers

Our single tier walk-in storage lockers are the most common type of tenant locker and come with a larger storage area to store a larger amount of items or bigger stuff. Single tiered lockers are ideal when walk-in access is required with a 3′-0″ or 4′-0″ wide door, and depth of 3′-0″, 4′-0″, or 5′-0″. The standard height is 7′-6″ high. The single tier storage locker gives the tenant plenty of storage space for their out-of-season belongings.

If you would like insight and assistance with the layout and design of your space you can trust us to bring ideas to the table. We’re happy to look at your establishment and provide you with the right solution custom to your needs and space available.

Double Tier Lockers

The double tier lockers are ideal in situations when the building has limited space but a large number of tenants who require additional storage. The width and depth of the double tier storage lockers are the same as single tier, but the height of each individual locker is 3′-9″, for a combined total height of 7′-6″.

The stacked design allows for more lockers to be put into one space to create more space for more tenants, which is especially beneficial for buildings with space restrictions. The stacked design the lockers are not as large as the single-tier walk in lockers but tenants can always rent more than one locker.

Our team has helped design and install storage locker solutions to add value to apartments, condominiums and multi-family buildings. Cranston Material Handling is happy to work with you to design the best solution to fit your needs.

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Key Storage Cage Features

  • Available In Two Styles: Single or Double Tier

  • Non Stock Sizes Available

  • Three Point Lock

  • Simple Installation

  • Pad Lock Lugs With Door Strikes Standard

  • Built With Industrial Grade Materials

  • Mix & Match Styles

  • Extremely Sturdy & Secure

  • Maximize Your Space

  • Custom Configurations Available

  • Clear Ventilation

  • Meets Fire Code Requirements

Additional Features Available for Wire Storage Lockers

Ceiling Panels

Ceiling panels are available if the locker is more than 6″ away from the existing ceiling. The ceiling panels are made from welded wire, allowing light and ventilation to come through while providing additional security for the lockers. {border-style: solid;}

Back Panels

Back panels are used when your existing wall is not level or has obstructions on it. Back panels are available in solid 16 gauge sheet metal or welded wire. Welded wire locker back panels are ideal in situations for tenant lockers that are back to back in the middle of the room or away from a wall.


Shelves are a great addition to your tenants storage locker to keep smaller items off the floor. Available in full and half shelves and made from 16 gauge solid sheet metal material.

Bottom or Floor Panels

Solid 16 gauge sheet metal bottom or floor panels can be added to the lockers adding 3″ above the floor to keep items suspended off the ground. Bottom panels are a great addition for situations where water could be a potential problem.

Tenant Storage Locker FAQs

How long does it take before ROI is seen from your tenant storage locker investment?

Most condominium buildings can recoup the project cost in under twelve months by renting storage lockers to tenants at typical rates.

How are residential storage lockers secured?

Storage lockers come standard with a simple padlock lug and the tenant provides their own padlock. A three point lock with a built-in keyed cylinder is also available.

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We can help find the right solution to fit in the space you have available.

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We've been serving Western Pennsylvania, and the rest of the country from Pittsburgh since 1957.


We're happy to install your new tenant storage lockers.

Expertise & Experience

We've seen alot since 1957 and are known as professional problem solvers. Rely on us to provide the right products to meet your specific need.

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