Pallet Racks

Guide to Planning a Pallet Rack Purchase

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Creating an Accurate Project Timeline

estimated time and the steps required to create more pallet storage

For Custom Racks: Items to take into consideration

Projected timelines


Warehouses and distribution centers play a crucial role every day in most businesses and in today’s world with the pandemic, they are becoming increasingly important. The need to store more material and products often require the purchase of additional racks. Understanding how long it may take for you to develop a layout, purchase the racks, and have them installed will allow you to develop a realistic timeline that will guide you in your planning process.


Creating an Accurate Project Timeline

With any project, knowing the steps that should be accomplished to achieve a successful outcome is very important. Once you know the steps you can develop a timeline to establish a realistic completion date. When you need more storage space the steps shown below will help ensure that you allow an appropriate amount of time to plan, order and have your new pallet rack installed. Timelines for every project will vary, but in many cases, they tend to follow a general pattern.

Estimated Time and the Steps Required to Create More Pallet Storage

Pallet Rack1 – week  –  Set up an appointment and meet with your rack professional to evaluate your pallet storage requirements. 

1 to 2 weeks – To allow your rack professional to develop a proposal and a rack layout. Plan to meet with them again to review the proposal and the rack layout to see if it meets your objectives. Allow for additional time to make changes to fine tune the proposal after this meeting.

1 to 3 weeks – You know the speed at which your organization makes purchasing decisions. Sometimes a purchase can be approved in a matter of days, other times it takes months. This can be a wild card you cannot control, so plan for more than enough time to receive an approval to purchase from all the decision influencers. 

1 week – For purchasing to process and send the order and for your rack professional’s company to receive and process the order. 

3 Days to 1 week  – Shipping for racks that are shipping from stock.

2 Days to 2 Weeks – The time it takes to install your pallet racking system is a function of the amount of racks to be installed and the number of installers on the installation crew. An experienced crew of 3 or 5 men can install  30 to 40 bays of new rack a day in a free and clear warehouse.

For made to order racks that are not being shipped from stock, these additional steps need to be taken into consideration.


1 week – For final measurements of the warehouse space, if the dimensions of the area where the racks are going to be installed need to be verified before the final drawings are developed.

2 – 3 weeks – For approval drawings, if they need to be developed prior to material being ordered and released to production.

4 – 14 weeks – Depending on the manufacturer’s backlog at any point in time, the time it takes for the product to be manufactured can vary widely. Currently, as we start 2021 lead times are generally 6 to 8 weeks.

Projected Timelines

Pallet RacksFor planning purposes, you should expect it to take 4 to 6 weeks from the time you start planning your rack purchase of stock rack to the time it is installed. If you believe the rack components you will be needing are not stock items, then you should expect the timeline to be somewhere between 10 to 20 weeks. 

Remember you don’t need to start the planning and rack selection process by yourself. The professional team at Cranston Material Handling Equipment will walk with you through the steps of determining a layout, developing a budget, and creating a timeline for the completion of your racking system. Our rack professionals will work with you to create an effective layout in order to maximize the number of pallets you can store in the space you have available. They will help you determine the production schedule and manage the installation to ensure timely delivery and completion of your pallet rack project. 

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